FLOW IN is an educational and cultural project offering series of rap, music video and street art workshops to socially excluded young people. These workshops are conducted by professionals from various fields of art, specialized in innovative working methods and experienced in working with disfavoured youths.

Throughout the project, the participants write lyrics to their own songs, which they later record in a professional studio, and afterwards create music videos to them. The hip-hop songs and music videos are presented during the final shows, where the participants perform on stage in front of a large audience. We have created a cultural education offer which, because of its subject and form, is attractive for youths in community homes, and at the same time provides an alternative way of acquiring new approved competencies. According to modern psychology: a person learns most effectively when having a good time, or when having keen interest in the subject. Both rap and music videos arouse considerable interest in teenagers.

Creative activities allow young people to express themselves. Out of all kinds of music, rap is the most appropriate tool of communication for young detainees in youth custody centers. Moreover, hip-hop music videos combine elements from different fields of art, such as: music, dance, film, fashion and street art, which situates it in a broad cultural context. Therefore, the project may serve as a platform for seeking and developing projects in many areas of art. Very often, such projects (which provide a non-formal cultural education) are carried out in an open area, for volunteers, but unfortunately less often in community homes and other correctional institutions. Participation in the project eliminates the sense of isolation from cultural values amongst the wards and allows them to establish a relationships with artists.

That is why the choice of tutors is a very important part of the FLOW IN program. In each edition we invite broad-minded artists from different backgrounds, who are engaged in various fields of art and are experienced in working with socially excluded youths. Through participating in the whole process of making and producing rap music and videos, as well as being able to present their work at the final show, young wards create something from the very beginning to the end. This provides them with the opportunity to satisfy their ambition, gain recognition, build up their self-esteem and self-worth, and shape their path of creative development. Our experience shows that participation in the proposed activities positively affects social relationships, helps set up a positive attitude towards society, and, above all, develops creativity .